A little bit about us...

We are currently expanding our team in order to be able to be make this project possible.... Exophys was founded with the idea of providing the world a quicker and reliable way to interact with medical resources. Imagine you could get a doctor grade response in seconds whenever or where ever you need it. It won't save lives but your wallet too! It'll be like having your own personal doctor at your fingertips!

Looking for like-minded team members aiming to better themselves in their field and assist the success of Exophys in order to make a difference and potentially save lifes.

Smart Doctor


Bringing Smart Doctor to your phone.... new era for medical care providers. 

Clinic Locations


Locate clinics near you to best suit your needs.

Medical Records


Securely save and check your medical record.

For more information

For more in depth information as far as roles, services, features, and future plans for Exophys please submit an application or contact us during working hours 


 Mon - Sun 8am -10pm